A buoy has been installed in the Una National Park in order to improve water quality monitoring by provision of live, early warning messages in short term monitoring.

Just a small hint of a brochure that will soon be out.

Significant results are coming out from the Staff Exchange held last July in Valencia, by EcoSUSTAIN Partner @Fundación Global Nature!


Water quality monitoring will be improved by means of state-of-the-art ICT providing live, early warning messages directly from a sensor-equipped buoy or by means of long-term monitoring based on satellite imagery processing.
Short-term monitoring solution (STMS) will provide live water quality monitoring by collecting data (e.g. pH, Ammonium, Blue-green Algae, Phycoerythrin, Chloride etc.) from sensor-equipped buoys in the water, processing data and notifying relevant recipient by push/pull notification via software and GUI for data visualization and configuration/e-mail /SMS etc.
Long-term (LTMS) monitoring solution will include development of methodology and integrated solution for satellite monitoring of environmental indicators via Earth Observation techniques and relevant satellite imagery processing / classification and elaboration on the meta-information presented on the client GUI (graphical user interface).

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