5th EcoSUSTAIN Project partner meeting, Valencia Spain

On November 22nd 2018 in Valencia, Spain, 5th Partner meeting of the InterregMED Ecological Sustainable Governance of Mediterranean Protected Areas through the improved Scientific, Technical and Managerial Knowledge Base (EcoSUSTAIN) project took place.


The meeting was hosted by PP6 "Global Nature Foundation". Nine partners from five MED countries (Croatia, Italy, Greece, Spain, and Bosnia and Herzegovina) participated in the meeting.
Goals of the 5th Partner Meeting were to discuss the:
 - Current project activities of the WP1 Project management work package
 - Ongoing project activities of the WP2 Project communication work package
 - Ongoing project activities of the WP3 Testing Work Package
 - Current project activities of the WP4 Transferring Work Package  
 - Remaining activities in the work packages according to the proposal

Moreover, 5th Steering Committee Meeting, 3rd Technical Committee Meeting, 5th Technical Meeting and 3rd Study Visit were held from November 22nd, 2018 to November 23rd, 2018.  
Study Visit was held at the Albufera National Park and Tancat de la Pipa where partners discussed quality of water and importance of water purification system. On the second day of the Study Visit, partners went to the River Turia (Valencia) to discuss possibilities that could be applicable in other EcoSUSTAIN parks in order to improve the drinking water process.

Next and final events of the EcoSUSTAIN project will be held in April 2019 in Mantua (Italy).