Interreg Med Biodiversity Protection Community @We are MED

“We are MED” in Alicante, Spain 17th of may 2017...

Community building event organized by Interreg MED Programme called “We are MED” was held in Alicante (Spain) on 17th of May 2017. EcoSUTAIN’s project partner Antonio Guillem Avivar from Global Nature Foundation participated in this event.

The purpose of this event was to explicit the work and inherent knowledge of each thematic community, in order for them to acquire a greater degree of self-awareness and certainty on methodologies and aims.

During the event various activities were being held. One of activities was the presentation of all horizontal projects and their partners by video or brief speech. While these presentations were being held, assistants participated in the construction of boxes which are to be used as nests for birds. Simultaneously, the rest of assistants painted graffiti with the phrase “Nature is life”. After the presentations an activity called “World coffee” was held where participants were divided into groups to see what projects had in common and to propose how to improve management and dissemination of these project.

To finish the day, the signature of a memorandum was realized by the modular projects partners with the MED Program.